Narcissa's Eye

Narcissa ThirteenEdit

Narcissa, contary to her power to manipulate peoples emotions, is very indifferent to the actual emotions of others, because she can change how they feel in a matter of moments. This makes her quite an irritating person to be round, as it is almost as if she herself has no feelings at all.


  • Name: Narcissa Thirteen
  • Age: 16
  • DOB: 13/07/1997
  • Hair Colour: Light Brown
  • Eye Colour: Gold
  • Power: Manipulating Emoitions
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown


Narcissa's power to maipulate peoples emotions may be extremley helpful in getting what she wants, but it comes at a very high price. She herself has almost no emotions, and this makes her very indifferent about the emotions of those around her.  Her power helps in battle as she can turn peoples emotions and this makes them easier to kill.


Cold, merciless and indifferent are the words that many people who encounter Narcissa use to describe her, along with ruthless and unforgiving. the fact that she has almost no emotion is a big factor in her personality, but so was her upbringing. Unlike the other thirteens, before she began her life in the coven, she was not loved buy a family and she had no friends. From the age of three Narcissa was an orphan and she joined the thirteen when she was just ten years old. Her lack of emotions can make her a very difficult person to be around, but she sees her power as a good thing, as she never breaks down crying, feels upset or falls in love.