Jezebel's Eye

Jezebel ThirteenEdit

Jezebel is the mind-reader of the coven, and therefore there are no secrets kept from her! Although this might make her spiteful, it does not and she is one of the most trusted of the group, as she know the most secrets but tells the least. She only tells them when they have to be told.


  • Name: Jezebel Thirteen
  • Age: 15
  • DOB: 13/2/1998
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Lime Green
  • Power: Mind-Reading
  • Mum: Unknown
  • Dad: Unknown


As aforementioned, Jezebel has the power of mind-reading. This is useful in battle and seducement as she can read her opponents minds and therefore know all that they are thinking and planning.


Jezebel is trustworthy and kind, and often the peacemaker when tongues start blazing and hands start flying. Her kindness is rewarded by trust from the whole group, and they often tell her stuff they would not dare to tell the others, even though she already knows.