Bellatrix's Eye

Bellatrix ThirteenEdit

Just like her name, Bellatrix is as beautiful as Belle, but with a lot more tricks up her sleeve, one of them being her power. With a click of her fingers, Bellatrix can snatch away your willpower just like that, and make you do her bidding.


  • Name: Bellatrix Thirteen
  • Age: 20
  • DOB: 13/11/1993
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Red
  • Power: Takes Away People's Willpower
  • Mum: Unknown
  • Dad: Unknown


One click, one thought from Bellatrix and you could find your willpower is no longer your own. This deadly power that she possesses would make anyone else corrupted and evil, but not Bellatrix. Her power also helps during battle, as she can make the opposition lose their will to fight.


Although the power she possesses would make anyone else evil, Bellatrix is a bouncy happy person, even if she doesn't look it. Her happy-go-lucky charm rubs off on other people, and it is hard to be annoyed with Bellatrix for too long.